Our new event center store

In August we finished our event center store. Please enjoy these photos of where we started and where we are now.

The Event Center/store

This year we had several generous supporters who have donated money to the group. They decided to use the funds to add a 38′ covered terrace and kitchen to their store/event center. The terrace cover is finished!!  In the photos are the process and the women filling in the planter with soil and cactus. Stay tuned for the updates. It’s almost finished. The group is so grateful for the help they receive from their northern friends.

Hook’n & Help’n

Please join us Sept. 14 in Maiden Head Wisconsin for a luncheon, hook in, panel discussion, rugs from Las Rancheritas, my book and more. It’s a “fun” fundraiser for Las Rancheritas.  Check the attachment.
Please spread the word.