How to help

During this difficult time many of the women’s husbands are out of work in Mexico. Many construction sites have closed down. Now would be a great time to purchase a rug. All the ones on the website are here in the USA. Or if you would like to donate to the group they will share in any donations.

1. Purchase a rug.  This is the single most important way to help. Minimum wage is around $200 a month. With one rug purchase you can support a family for one week. There is no commission on sales. All profits go directly to the artist.

2.  Give a donation to Las Rancheritas

3. Organize a rug show. This can be at a church, gallery, restaurant, club etc. I will send rugs for display with photographs of each woman and information about her life. I can also come to an opening for the show with a slide show presentation. 

4. Have a rug raffle at your next hook-in or camp. Purchase one rug and raffle it off. This can pay you back and raise more funds.

5. Have the rugs at your next event. This is a simple fun way to see the rugs and help the project. I will send you rugs to sell. After the event you will simply send back unsold rugs.

7. Purchase the DVD “The Rug Hookers of Agustin Gonzales” (the $15 goes to pay for promotional materials for the group).